Why We Started Machine Inbound


Thank you for your interest in Machine Inbound! We are a marketing agency for people who create new technologies in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, industrial equipment, engineering services, and manufacturing. 

Our Story

Erin Rapacki, who has a MS in Mechanical Engineering and a BS in Industrial Engineering, began Machine Inbound after performing product marketing and business development for a variety of robotics companies near San Francisco. She noticed that many founders were having trouble connecting with a marketing agency who understood how to strategize for new technologies. 

Machine Inbound operates as a service for technology disruptors who want to focus on creating the best products. Our clients prefer to entrust the lead generation and brand awareness to a marketing team who can strategize, iterate, and execute on what works best for new and growing industries.


"Erin Rapacki evaluated the value proposition of our technology and saw what was possible in markets that were previously unclaimed by other robotics solutions; and then she got on the phone. During her time at Pneubotics, she coached our technical founding team into thinking about Total Addressable Market for industries who urgently needed to solve labor and productivity problems."

- Henrik Bennetsen, Pneubotics Inc. (Otherlab)


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